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Hello. Welcome to Mini and Mighty.

Mini and Mighty is a marketing consultancy specifically aimed at small organisations, working across all sectors and covering the full marketing mix. We do everything from websites and branding to copywriting, social media and strategy. Our whole ethos is based around helping micro and small businesses flourish. We are passionate about transferring skills and empowering small businesses to be self-sufficient with their own marketing.

We work flexibly and provide completely transparent pricing options which are fixed so there will never be any nasty surprises.

A leap of faith

After nine months of parenting under my belt and my little monkey becoming increasingly independent, my mind kept fantasising about any business venture that would enable me to work for myself. To be fair a lot of these were wildly impractical ranging from a hamper business to baby merchandise involving me learning how to be a master sewer. 

The one consistent - and one that has been silenced for a number of years - is naturally the most obvious. Using my experience in marketing to work in the area of marketing I enjoy the most - helping small businesses. Simple.

For the last month between nappies, naps and play time (everyone needs a bit of fun), my brain has been on overdrive with ideas flowing at an almost alarming rate.

So here I am taking a leap of faith and going for it.

  • Notice handed in for when my maternity leave finishes - check
  • Fancy new laptop bought - check
  • Domain name and Twitter handle bought/registered - check
  • Boring everyone I speak to about my exciting new venture - definitely check

So watch this space. All I can say for now is that I need to write a list and then a list for the list and a list for the list for the list. You get the idea.

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