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Mini and Mighty is a marketing consultancy specifically aimed at small organisations, working across all sectors and covering the full marketing mix. We do everything from websites and branding to copywriting, social media and strategy. Our whole ethos is based around helping micro and small businesses flourish. We are passionate about transferring skills and empowering small businesses to be self-sufficient with their own marketing.

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Picture this property

With the addition of baby number two, my husband and I have got quite into property perusing - it's become a bit of an addiction in fact.

We have recently popped our house on the market (a market which right now in London seems to be a bit rubbish) to 'see what happens'. I have - as seems to be the way with most things in my life - approached this as a true marketeer. This is not entirely surprising as, after all, selling is selling.

Picture perfect

I am not in any way claiming to be an expert in the art of selling houses but to me it makes complete sense to get the pictures looking perfect. After all, this is what informs the decision on whether or not to see a property (along with location and position). So surely - whilst it's admittedly a faff - moving furniture around, de-cluttering, painting, buying garden paraphernalia is worth the short term pain to make a great first impression (a bit like visiting a website for the first time)?

And presumably it also makes sense to do everything you can to make it easy for a prospective buyer to see themselves in your house - like tidy up? I've seen enough of Phil Spencer's Secret Agent to know this. Although inevitably whilst there will always be people who don't do this, there will always be people who can see potential through clutter.

Photos fails

This photo is the reason I decided to write this blog. If you're going to go it alone, know what you're doing and invest in the right things. In my dalliance with property porn (yes, this is a thing - I figure if The Telegraph can get away with saying that, I can) where budget is no object, I saw this ad for a property with a DIY seller. The results shocked me to the core. A house on for 1.5 MILLION pounds and this is the best photo they could find to lure people in? Seriously? No no no.

So the takeaway from this is that image is everything. If I see a well designed and easy to navigate website, I will think positively about the company. By the same token, if I see photos of a house which are clear, bright and uncluttered, I will feel positive about it. And when there are so many other factors to consider when buying a house, that's all you can really hope for.

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