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Hello. Welcome to Mini and Mighty.

Mini and Mighty is a marketing consultancy specifically aimed at small organisations, working across all sectors and covering the full marketing mix. We do everything from websites and branding to copywriting, social media and strategy. Our whole ethos is based around helping micro and small businesses flourish. We are passionate about transferring skills and empowering small businesses to be self-sufficient with their own marketing.

We work flexibly and provide completely transparent pricing options which are fixed so there will never be any nasty surprises.



Mini and Mighty is a full service marketing consultancy, focused on small businesses working across all sectors. 

What this really means is that we come on board when a business is starting up or is just starting to focus on its marketing efforts. We help our clients find the best marketing approach, for them. Or in other cases, where they already have a clear idea for their marketing,  we will guide them and help implement these plans. 

Mini and Mighty works with Hannah Russell as the marketing lead. She is the person a client will speak to on a day to day basis and in turn she is supported by a team of experts who are on hand when needed.

Transferring of skills

Ultimately, we are passionate about transferring skills and empowering small businesses to be self sufficient with their own marketing. We understand costs need to be kept down and that as a small business any investment needs to provide real value. 



We are proud of our completely transparent approach - from the breakdown of marketing activities at the outset, the monthly time-sheets we submit detailing what time has been spent on what, to the clear pricing packages. 

Limiting clients??

We take on clients on a case by case basis.  For us, it's vital we are the right fit for our clients to ensure the best results and the best use of a small businesses investment. It may seem counter-intuative but we limit the number of clients we take on to ensure focus and the successful delivery of objectives. We know this is a different approach and have been told it is refreshing. The reason for all of this is because ultimately, the benchmark of success for Mini and Mighty is happy clients.


We would love to hear from you. Please drop us a line at And remember, we offer a complimentary initial consultation.

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